2019 – A year of Anxiety, Fear and Uncertainty

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2018 was a year of turbulence to some and one of economic recovery to others. A few analysts said good riddance while some others saw it as a new beginning, but most Nigerians said com si com sa (so-so).

The year 2019 in our view will be one of anxiety, fear and uncertainty for those taking Nigeria at face value. But for those willing to apply some intellectual rigour, it will be a year of opportunity and hard work (heavy lifting).

In the attached slides discussed by Bismarck Rewane on January 1 on the Channels TV program – Business Morning with presenter Boason Omofaye, he highlights the game changing personalities in 2019 and the brands that you cannot afford to ignore.  But more importantly, he gives you a brutally frank assessment and forecast of the economy for the year ending December 2019.

Happy New Year & enjoy your read