Democracy Day 2018

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With less than 25% of his 4-year term left, the Buhari administration’s sense of urgency and execution seems to be awakened.

The team is not only in rapid response mode, but is also finally formulating a coherent electoral message. The problem now is that because of the huge election promises of 2014 (“CHANGE”) and the messiah-image of its principal, a crisis of false expectations has overwhelmed the APC election apparatus.

The challenge now is how to reset the image and expectations button so as to win back the confidence of skeptical, indifferent and bored citizens.

In the attached slides shared at the Democracy Day Channels Tv forum, the FDC Think-Tank gives a dispassionate and objective review of 3 years of a mix of the good, average and dumb policies, and their outcomes. The Nigerian economic transition from a crooked and failing economy (under the PDP), to a fragile but slowly recovering emerging economy (under the APC), has become a subject of acrimonious debate amongst analysts. This is occurring at a time of intense data propaganda, selective amnesia and information asymmetry targeted at a mostly confused and miserable Nigerian voting public.

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