RELAXNOMIKS – APRIL 18, 2019 (Re: Relaxnomiks (Stress – Relax or Collapse)

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Welcome to our Easter/Spring edition of Relaxnomiks!

Do you know what country ranks as the 85th happiest country in the world yet has 87million of its citizens living below the poverty line of $1.90 per day? Do you know what city is the 6th cheapest in which to live (in dollar terms) but has a life expectancy of five years less than the national average? (Lagos, 49 years). It is Nigeria and Lagos. In spite of its hustle and bustle, Lagos and by extension Nigeria just like New York City is addictive to its inhabitants but gives you all you need to be happy including, you guessed it – stress.

What stresses you more about living in urban Nigeria? Traffic, blackouts or lousy roads? No matter what, stress has become a standard part of urban life. No wonder the life expectancy of a Nigerian is 53 years compared to a Japanese (84 years) or a Ghanaian (63 years). How do you de-stress from the ‘wahala’? Sleep, rest and relaxation, vacation or traveling.

Travelling is always a good idea to take your mind off work as well as providing an opportunity to experience new cultures, contacts and relive memories. Our Travel Guide to exotic destinations such as Santorini and Istanbul is what you need.

Are you a trivia and puzzle master? Well if you think you’re that good why not Put your skills to test and see how much you really know.

This edition of Relaxnomiks promises to be the perfect Spring/Easter Break companion. This perfect mix of entertainment and fun would leave you begging for more. So, sit back, relax and enjoy your read!

Happy Easter!