RELAXNOMIKS – JULY 18, 2019 (Re: Use it or lose it Edition)

Dear Subscriber,

2019 is more than half gone and has only 166 days to go. It is officially summer in the northern hemisphere (Europe, etc.), but in Nigeria it’s rain! Rain! Rain!. Thanks to global warming (An Inconvenient Truth), the world’s weather patterns are changing dramatically.

But, wait a minute, in most cities in the world and especially Lagos, there’s always more traffic when it rains, why is this so? Is it that the roads shrink or the cars increase? Well, it is the psychology of congestion that makes drivers more aggressive. The mere idea of driving a car in Lagos could be a nightmare, partly because of potholes, kekes, aggressive motorists and believe it or not LASTMA.

Wow, do you know that the Costain bridge is about to be demolished? Don’t scream. The alternative bridges have already been built and will be commissioned simultaneously.

In spite of all of these, do you go to the gym? When last did you go to the beach? Have you been to The Harvest restaurant Lekki, Shiro or the Warehouse kitchen to have an exotic meal and an agreeable evening? If not, then you need to catch up. Remember that if you don’t use it you are bound to lose it.

And what better way to catch up on these, than with this mid-year edition of Relaxnomiks!

The issue contains a cocktail of information, travel tips, zodiac signs, scariest theme parks, fitness myths and a peek into our reading list, which will keep you pumped up.

Enjoy your read!