RELAXNOMIKS – MARCH 26, 2018 (Re : Relaxnomiks – We blinked twice, and Easter came!)

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Nigeria’s fashion industry is one of the most prominent and fastest growing in Sub-Saharan Africa. It now contributes $4.6bn or 1% to national GDP. The industry’s performance has been spurred by consumer resistance to higher import prices, naira weakness and improved domestic quality. Declining destination shopping and rising afro-centric patronage have also boosted sales growth.

In this Easter Edition of the Relaxnomiks, we feature pieces across an array of topics, including fashion, food, football, travel etc.

How do you want to spend this long weekend? Why not book a few nights at one of the best spots of Nigerian hospitality? For the fashionistas, the Arise Fashion Week, scheduled to hold this Easter weekend, will host the biggest fashion players of the continent.

Whatever you choose to do, the Relaxnomiks is your perfect Easter holiday companion.

Print out the attached document or download it to your portable device; pour a glass of your favourite drink or Pinot Noir, and relax with us.

You know you want to…

Happy Easter!