RELAXNOMIKS – SEPTEMBER 28, 2018 (Re: Relaxnomiks Independence Day Edition 2018)

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Welcome to the Independence Day edition of the 2018 Relaxnomiks!

After 58years of independence, most parameters indicate that it has been 6 decades of wasted opportunities and misplaced priorities. The cumulative oil revenue in the past 51 years is approximately $1trn, with little to show.

The life expectancy of Nigerians is stunted at 53years compared to its peers such as Malaysia (75years) and Singapore (82years). One of the reasons proffered for this performance is the quantity and more importantly, the quality of life and healthcare spend as a percentage of GDP.

Stress has also been identified as a trigger or major contributing factor towards a shorter life span. According to a Bloomberg ranking, Nigeria is rated as the most stressful country on the planet. This is in addition to being the poverty capital of the world.

That is why as we reminisce on the 58 years of waste, we offer you this edition of the Relaxnomiks as a palliative to the stress, pressure and the confusion arising from the nationwide strike.

Happy Independence Day!!!

Enjoy your read!