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Nigeria has the third highest population of Generation Z in the world after India and China. In addition to its high rural-urban migration rate, the demographic shift makes it more challenging for businesses to use traditional marketing strategies. A rich social media presence has now become a necessity in reaching Generation Z.

On a lighter note, Prince Charles ended his week-long West African tour in Nigeria before celebrating his 70th birthday. The heir apparent to the British throne, who is currently expecting his 4th grandchild, showed he had not lost his common touch by speaking a few phrases in Nigeria’s Pidgin English.

Unity Bank understands the needs and values of this generation in most parts of Nigeria. It offers a diverse range of products such as UniFi savings plan targeted at university students and NYSC members.

Look out for other social and business topics such as Stan Lee’s death and an update on the minimum wage negotiation in this issue of Unity Bank Digest.

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