Day of Change or Day of Continuity

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May 29th inauguration day has come and gone, but for Nigerians it is usually for a change of batons from the old to the new administration. It is also a time for a reaffirmation of commitment and renewal of promises by re-elected incumbents.

This year as President Buhari took his solemn oath in a low-key celebration, most Nigerians were reflecting on the macroeconomic impact of Buhari’s policies and fight against corruption on their lives and wellbeing.

Buhari’s policies have helped the economy to recover from a deep recession, which is currently experiencing a slow but fragile growth. However, unemployment is at record levels (23.1%) and inflation is yet to fall sharply (11.37%).

The Nigerian people have given Team Buhari a second term and are hopeful that things will soon change for the better.

In the link below, you will see the slides shared at the Channels TV Inauguration discourse by Bismarck Rewane and the FDC Think Tank. In the document, he presents an objective analysis of Buhari’s macroeconomic scorecard and presents an outlook for his second term in office.

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