FDC ECONOMIC BULLETIN – SEPTEMBER 06, 2019 (Re: Q2 GDP Growth Slumps to 1.94%: But there is “Fire in Soweto”)

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GDP – Weaker than expected

Real GDP growth slowed to 1.94% in Q2’19 from 2.1% in Q1. Though the growth rate is lower than widely expected, it is the strongest showing since 2015. The contraction in growth was largely due to seasonal effects, especially the impact of the planting season on agric output. The agric sector grew by a mere 1.79%.

These pale numbers are likely to nudge policy makers towards shooting for a higher level of fiscal stimulus and lower interest rates in the near term.

There is fire in Soweto

As we see what’s happening in Joburg, we must not forget the words of Sonny Okosun.


 “I look at them a burning

My people are crying

I look at them a shooting

My people are dying

I look at them a robbing

My people are sighing

Tell me where you’re going to go

We did nothing

Nothing that we owe you

We need something

Will you leave us alone

We have risen

Freedom is our goal

In this publication, the FDC Think-Tank analyzes the GDP numbers for Q2 and its implications.

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