RELAXNOMIKS – APRIL 01, 2021 (Re: Easter like no other!)

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This time last year, you were probably confined to your room, binge-watching movies on Netflix without popcorn because cinemas were closed. You could not go out with friends for a drink or party because nightclubs were shutting down. Travelling overseas was not an option and you had no idea what summer will look like. We are not where we want to be as there are still lockdown restrictions in Europe and speculations of a third wave. But there is hope because of the Covid-19 vaccines.

Easter is here and we can still spend time with our loved ones whether virtually or physically. The big difference between then and now is that sport activities like the Australian Open, Olympics, ECL, and Champions league are happening or going to happen, cinemas are reopening, businesses are resuming and international travel is reviving. It feels surreal!

A post-covid world is near as we flip open the chapter of economic recovery in 2021. There is hope that the wind of the pandemic will blow over on the premise that vaccinations continue. Before then, it is important we count our blessings, prioritize the simple things of life and learn to relax.

This Easter edition of the Relaxnomiks is a bit different as we specifically focused on health tips, watchful spending and entertainment.

It promises to be a great read!