RELAXNOMIKS – MARCH 25, 2022 (Re: Relaxnomiks Easter 2022 Edition)

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Easter is here again! So let’s celebrate!

Although the year started out pretty rough, we at FDC will continue to be your beacon of light and good news. From innovative career paths, to health tips and relationship nuggets, we have you covered in this edition of the Relaxnomiks.

The social media frenzy!

The power of social media is no longer news to any tom, dick and harry. If anything, it’s a social media world and we are all living it. To connect with family and friends or build personal and professional relationships, the true power of social media has grown from fun to INFLUENCE! The budding impact of these platforms, make it safe to say that being social media savvy has now become a necessity. So, get on board the train!

It’s time to smash those job interviews!

Butterflies or nausea! Which do you feel anytime you go for job interviews? We are almost a 100% certain it’s nausea, and that’s because the job application process can be gruelling, especially the interview stage. However laden you are, an interview is the best time for you to sell yourself as the ideal candidate, showcase your skills and land that dream job. To help you navigate your way, we have compiled a few tips and tricks to boost your confidence and ace those interviews.

Say no to toxic relationships

Be it friendship, dating or a situationship, you need to have good sensors for toxicity. Naturally, as humans, we yearn and thrive on healthy relationships as they help us learn, love, trust, grow and flourish. Toxic relationships do more harm to your emotional and mental health than you know, so the best option is to stay away. If you are already in one, there are some red flags we have identified that will help you wake up and smell the coffee!

In this edition of the FDC Relaxnomiks publication, we delve deep into some interesting social aspects that will keep you enthused and informed this Easter.

Enjoy your read!