RELAXNOMIKS – SEPTEMBER 28, 2021 (Re: Nigeria @ 61 – A nation in adolescence in the sixth decade)

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As we reflect on our 61 years as an independent nation, we will be celebrating another milestone this weekend. We must ask certain pertinent questions, one of such will be what went wrong? For example, in 1960, life expectancy among peer countries (Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore) was 57yrs and Nigeria was 37yrs. Life expectancy in Nigeria is now 56yrs, while Singapore is 83yrs. In terms of income per capita, Singapore now has $56,349, (27) times that of Nigeria which is $2,100.

The cheery news include the diversification of the economy in areas like information technology, movie and entertainment industries, and the strength of the Nigerian diaspora as a steady and growing source of inward remittances ($16.9bn).

As you digest this cocktail of the inconvenient truth and limited good news, this Independence Day edition of the FDC Relaxnomiks is the perfect companion to give you hope in the months ahead. It comes with a dose of reality but also soothing pieces on sports, healthy living tips, and a splash of entertainment.

Enjoy your read and happy Independence Day!!!