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Adulting 102: Getting ahead in your career

Welcome to episode two of our adulting series! If this is your first edition, please note that the last time we discussed the importance of self-confidence at work. This train is heading to a fictitious town called “getting a hang of adulthood”, where Gen-Z and late year millennials should prepare for adult life. Today, we are talking “getting ahead in your career”. After graduation, conventional logic is to gain experience in a professional/corporate environment. However, today’s youth have found a way to earn an honest living via social media and harnessing their talent. The truth is that, whether you are self-employed or in paid employment, you have to strive ahead and make progress in your career that will make you proud in the next 4-5 years.

The lifestyle section of this digest provides five simple but important tips to get ahead in your career.

IMF revises Nigeria’s 2021 growth forecast to 2.5%

The International Monetary Fund has revised Nigeria’s 2021 growth forecast upwards by a third from 1.5% to 2.5%, immediately after the World Bank’s upward revision for Nigeria and other SSA countries. The increase in vaccine roll out is expected to strengthen the recovery process of the Nigerian economy.

Rehabilitation of Port Harcourt refinery instead of selling – PMS price hike in view

On one hand, the federal government plans to spend $1.5bn to rehabilitate the Port Harcourt refinery, and on the other the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) is attempting to price PMS at the market. The state oil firm currently spends approximately N120bn monthly on fuel subsidies, a feat which may no longer be sustainable in the coming months. If, and when this happens, the retail price of petrol could reach N234/litre on rising oil prices. This will fuel inflation that is projected to climb to 18% in April. The attendant effect would be a further squeeze to consumer disposable income and worsened living standards.

As usual, this edition of the Unity bank digest provides you with interesting economic highlights and entertainment news.

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