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Supermarket sales surge ahead of Easter

As we celebrate Easter we must thank God for the slight improvement in power supply (3,657mwh). The price of diesel seems to have stabilized at N650 per litre which is still 145.28% above the price at this time in 2021 (N265).

The second quarter has also witnessed a shift in focus to politics away from the economic challenges. Interestingly, we are seeing increased activities in the supermarkets and retail stores but prices of necessities are increasing by leaps and bounds. In this Unity Bank digest, we offer you a few tips on how to stretch your naira to see more value for your cash.

Ramadan – When people fast more and eat less??

The logic of fasting as you celebrate Ramadan is that prices of goods fall as people eat less. However, in reality people fast more, eat more and prices rise faster. 2022 is no different only that breaking fast is not just a religious event but also a political gathering.

This edition of the Unity Bank Digest, as usual, provides you with intriguing recent economic news and interesting social stories.

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