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Never mind, the petrol queues have now disappeared and the FGN has promised to leave subsidies in place. So, if you are planning to travel this Easter there should be no disruption. It should be fun all the way at N145/litre.

Talking about Easter, how much do you know about the origin of this Christian celebration? In the lifestyle section of this Digest, you will find an interesting discussion about the origin of Easter and a collection of facts that might help you have a better understanding of the festive period.

Meanwhile, the IMF’s report reveals that Nigeria’s economic growth remains constrained by structural and policy bottlenecks. But there is some good news, headline inflation slid further to 11.25% in March partly due to the stable exchange rate (N360/$) and higher power output.

This edition of Unity Bank Digest contains an analysis of recent economic and social developments that is sure to keep you well informed and entertained this season.

Happy Easter!