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CBN slashes bank charges

The CBN delivered a very late but much welcome New Year gift to Nigerians on Friday January 28th, when it announced a downward review of rates and charges across the banking ecosystem. The CBN cut the charges on certain transactions such as ATM maintenance fees, bulk payments, standing order charges and electronic fund transfers among others. This move will lower the cost of such transactions for consumers but also negatively affect the revenue banks generate from these transactions.

Lagos introduces consolidated N800 levy for informal transporters

Anyone who has ever commuted by public transport in Lagos, must be familiar with the scene of ‘agberos’ chasing bus drivers to collect all sorts of fees and levies. The Lagos state government has decided to tackle this issue by introducing a consolidated daily levy of N800 for all commercial transporters in the informal sector. This initiative will be beneficial in providing reliable data by harmonizing fee collection and slowly absorbing the informal sector into the formal economy. It will also aid the restructuring of the transportation sector with the aim of bolstering government revenue.

The six best tips to improve your relationship with your boss

A healthy relationship between bosses and employees is important to team success and job advancement. An average adult will spend a third of their lives at work, and if that time is spent in an unhealthy workplace, your general quality of life will suffer. We’ve gathered six tips to improve your relationship with your boss.

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