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Without finance, there’s no romance

Roses are red, violets are blue; without finance, there’s no romance

Barely weeks after the Christmas festivities and expenses, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching with the intention of blowing a hole in your pocket. The dinner date, flowers, chocolates; all add up and racks up the bills. However, Valentine’s Day on a budget is not impossible. Start with planning a romantic meal indoors. It saves money, creates a romantic ambience and reduces traffic gridlock.

The lifestyle section of this Digest explores other ways you can enjoy Valentine’s Day and not break the bank. Remember, it is the thought that counts!

IMF growth forecast for 2020 unlikely to remain at 2.5%

The IMF is finishing its article IV review of Nigeria this week. With current challenges, which include a fall in the top line (revenue) of many companies, it might be difficult to maintain the rosy estimates of 2.5% growth for 2020. The current fall in oil production and further cuts by OPEC are likely to paint a dismal growth picture.  However, with some luck, Q4 GDP which is to be released on February 24 is projected to inch up to 2.4%. If the estimate is correct, it will bring the average growth in 2019 to 2.23%.

This edition of the Unity Bank Digest provides further insight on the World Economic Forum, the spread of the Coronavirus and the conclusion of the first MPC meeting in 2020.  Also, look out for social stories such as the life and death of NBA legend, Kobe Bryant and the Grammy Awards.

It promises to be a great read.