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Canada has become the second country in the world to legalize marijuana. The North American country will also grant amnesty to those doing time for what was once considered a major offense. How much the world has changed and what is ‘liberal’ continues to metamorphose drastically. Can you imagine what acceptable behavior will look like by 2023?

Meanwhile, Reuters is projecting a 16.4% dip in Nigeria’s oil exports from 1.71mbpd in May to 1.43mbpd in July, the lowest in 2018. This decline gives a strange sense of déjà vu to 2014, the run-up year to elections and the year when oil production started declining. However, with the reopening of TransForcados pipeline (with a capacity of 250,000bpd) the decline in exports may be temporary.

This edition of the Unity Bank Digest contains the usual mix of latest social news as well as economic developments. Look out for the scoop on the Nigerians that made the Forbes Africa 30-under-30 list, as well as the outcome of the US-North Korea summit.

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