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Adapting to the new normal – the glory in health and safety!

Everyone wants to live a long, healthy and peaceful life, but when there is an invisible terrorist on the loose that ‘want’ rapidly becomes a necessity. Covid-19 is this global terrorist forcing people to adjust their way of life to include hand sanitizers, hot water therapy and face masks. The 9-5 workaholics are now confined to their homes, the adolescents and teens are out of school, companies are shutting down and others, who have no choice but to step out, try to calm the fear of coming face to face with the invisible terrorist by arming themselves with prayers and hygiene.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, if we change the narrative to see the glory in health and safety habits than stay subdued by the thought of the invisible terrorist.

The lifestyle section of this digest gives simple tips on how to stay healthy and work from home efficiently during this season.

MPC moves against analysts’ expectations by maintaining status quo

The Monetary Policy Committee, at its just concluded meeting, decided to leave all monetary policy parameters unchanged. This happened despite the popular interest rate cuts by advanced country counterparts. The committee did this to allow the recent CBN interventions come to fruition as cutting interest rates will trigger inflationary pressures and increasing rates will dampen credit to the private sector.

This edition of the Unity Bank Digest is coming at a time of global, regional and market turmoil on the one hand and robust and aggressive responses by the Nigerian authorities on the other. It also contains interesting social stories and de-stressing tips on working effectively from home while isolated.

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