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Nigerian Consumers groan

Food inflation in February was 17.11% and this was before the bout of adulterated fuel and the queues in March, this year.  This was followed by the spike in the price of diesel and transport fares.

As Muslims are bracing up for the Ramadan fasting period, when prices of food commodities usually surge, the Christians know that Easter is only a fortnight away. This year may be one of fear rather than cheer.

Workers are sweltering under the pressure of higher prices and incessant power cuts.  The flicker of hope at the end of the tunnel is that the war in Ukraine is likely to be shorter than was originally feared and is unlikely to escalate into a World War III.  We also expect the supply chain disruptions in the global energy and commodity prices will soon ease with normalcy returning in Q3, 2022.

In the lifestyle section of this Unity Bank Digest, we are emphasizing how to become a thought leader in your social life and in your business organization.  Unity Bank offers mentorship to its numerous consumer banking clients and customers in the retail banking space.  Being a thinker is a distinct discipline that comes out of profound and sober introspection and application of that thought process for self-improvement.

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