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Working from home – the new normal

When Twitter announced its plan to allow employees work from home on a permanent basis, it was the confirmation we all needed: things will never be the same again. The new face of the workplace means more virtual meetings and less business travel. Employee productivity will also be measured differently and the onus is on workers to improve their efficiency if they are to remain relevant in a post-pandemic world. In essence, time management is key even while working remotely. A useful tip for managing your time is to plan ahead, either last thing at night or first thing in the morning. The Lifestyle Section of this Digest provides other tips on how stay ahead of the rest by managing your time effectively.

‘40.1% of Nigerians live below the poverty line’ – NBS

The National Bureau of Statistics reported that 40.1% (82.9million) of Nigerians are poor i.e. they live below the national poverty line of N137, 430 ($305) per annum. With Nigerian policy makers currently preoccupied with an unseen virus, the conspicuous poverty virus may take a backseat and limit President Buhari’s commitment to lift 10million Nigerians out of poverty in 10years. Palliatives and social intervention programmes may offer temporary succor but an investment-led strategy is imperative to combating the poverty and hunger in the land.

This edition of the Unity Bank Digest provides the usual interesting mix of business and social news. Look out for a breakdown of Nigeria’s Poverty and Inequality report, the US unemployment report as well as how Twitter is leading the change in a post-Covid world.

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