THE UNITY BANK DIGEST – SEPTEMBER 23, 2022 (Re: Consumers struggle as cost of living crisis hits harder)

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More fun for iPhone lovers

Apple Inc. has released the latest iPhone models: iPhone 14 and the advanced Max and Pro versions. The new models have exciting features like upgraded camera sensors, default display mode and screen brightness. The major distinguishing characteristic of the latest models is the 5g compatibility. Relative to its predecessors, the new models have seen a surge in demand. Apple Inc. definitely has a tradition of creating an irresistible desire from their customers.

Improving your workplace productivity

Nigeria labour productivity growth has been negative for some time. Thus, changing the work ethics and standards is a major priority. One way to do this, is by improving your workplace efficiency. Productivity in the workplace means working smarter, not harder. Whether you’re a 9-5er or an entrepreneur who have the whole day at your disposal, it’s paramount that you effectively structure your time if you want to be more productive at what you do. The tips in the lifestyle section of this Unity Bank Digest will help you achieve productivity in the workplace.

World food supply stays tight after weak U.S. harvest

According to the Wall Street Journal, US agricultural executives have highlighted the need for at least two years of bumper crops to relieve pressure from drought and the war in Ukraine. However, the lackluster US harvest this year is setting back efforts to achieve a bumper global food supply. Tight global food supply amid soaring energy prices will keep global inflation elevated.

Meanwhile, food inflation in Nigeria spiked by 1.10% to 23.12% driven by the continuous rise in the prices of staples like bread, yams, and rice. Income level remain stagnant, making it almost impossible to afford basic food items. On the other hand, businesses are faced with a trifecta of weak consumer demand, high inflation and poor operating environment.

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