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Christmas is here again!

The last couple of weeks have been full of celebrations, with Thanksgiving and Eid el Maulud beautifully ushering us into the yuletide days.

Those exciting days of merry-making when everyone gets a license to gluttony; the time of the year when seeing a live chicken shoved at your window in traffic is as typical as dusk.

Oh the joy!

It’s also the season when just about everyone around you is expecting a gift-wrapped show of appreciation. The lifestyle section provides tips on Christmas shopping for everyone from kids, to parents. Arik has resumed flights to Heathrow. So for those looking to splurge on that special someone, how about an all-expense paid trip to the Old Smoke?

This edition of the Unity Bank Digest contains details on OPEC’s ‘Declaration of Cooperation’, as well as other stories such as State Governments’ borrowing plans and Miss Universe 2018.

Enjoy your read!