Treasury & Financial Institutions


The TFI group funds the institution’s balance sheet. We accept funds from individuals and institutions for investment purposes on short-term to medium-term and usually range in tenor from call to 180 days at competitive rates. The aim is to magnify the yield to the depositors and we do this by buying Bankers Acceptance and Certificate of Deposits from prime banks and financial institutions. Ultimately, we take into consideration the investment philosophy of each individual. We also leverage on the Institution’s strength of economic research to make sound investment decisions and as such, we serve as a safe outlet for excess liquidity for institutional, corporate and individual investors.


Our products include the issuance, trading and discounting of short – term fixed income debt instruments, notably:

  1. Investment Grade Commercial Papers
  2. Medium Term Notes
  3. Negotiable Certificate of Deposit
  4. Bankers Acceptances

These instruments which traditionally yield higher returns than bank deposits are effective shields from withholding tax. Funds managed in the money market are usually tenured for 90 – 180 days, to meet the working capital needs of companies. The risk profile of the issuing companies is usually of acceptable standards. The financial condition of these companies are investigated and monitored closely by our analysts to protect the portfolios from any unforeseen deterioration. The structure of the maturing investments, whether on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis, is tailored to the liquidity needs of our clients, whilst providing optimum returns.

Our clientele include individuals, religious organizations, law firms, oil and gas firms, insurance companies, real estate firms and cooperative societies.


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