Edo State Tourism Digest – Edition 7

Dear Subscriber,

Love is in the air!

Today, as we publish this special Valentine’s Day edition of With Love from Edo, we reminisce on the significance of the colour, RED. Not only is it an insignia of love on Valentine’s Day, but it also holds great meaning to the people of Edo.

From the vibrant coral beads adorning ceremonial attires to the majestic crimson hue of the Oba’s crown, red permeates almost every aspect of the Edo tradition. Even the earth that was excavated to create the moat of the ancient city of Benin is red. What an interesting coincidence! The moat is of huge historical significance because it reminds us of the fortification and defence of the city from invaders and the politically defiant struggle against the colonial masters.

Also equally relevant is that February in the U.S. is titled Black History Month, which commemorates the contribution of the black and enslaved people brought over from Africa in the 17th century.

Therefore, this special edition from the Edo State Tourism Agency is truly a priceless asset and, without a doubt, a collector’s item.

Enjoy your read!