RELAXNOMIKS – APRIL 06, 2023 (Re: Relaxation is eggsactly what you need this Easter!)

Dear Subscriber,

It’s going to be a long weekend. 

Not only do we get to enjoy the public holiday, but we also get to eat special Easter delicacies, binge-watch Netflix movies and best of all, relax. 

We all need a mental break, with all that is happening globally and in Nigeria. We need all the happiness, joy and warmth we can get. And Easter is a great festive period to experience the good things of life, early in the year. We still have other holidays and festivities to look forward to this year.

While we celebrate Easter here and in other parts of the world, it’s also Spring time in the Northern Hemisphere. A combination of both events could mean a new beginning and a blast. And this is enough motivation to keep going in 2023. It is definitely spring in our steps to achieve all the goals we have planned. 

One goal for us at FDC is to keep you relaxed amid all the global and domestic economic chaos. We analyse these events, and that’s why we are determined to help you detox from them. It can be overbearing sometimes. 

But hey, there’s the Relaxnomiks—our flagship publication with the sole aim of helping you detox, relax, and destress. This Easter, let us be your Easter bunny, bringing you all the goodies in our Relaxnomiks Easter basket. We aim to help you keep your Easter groove on. So, see each page as an Easter egg, crack it, and the goodies will come pouring out.  

Enjoy your read!