RELAXNOMIKS – APRIL 08, 2020 (Re: Relaxnomiks Easter 2020 Edition)

Dear Subscriber,

Oh wow! – Lockdown, Shutdown and Economic Paralysis

Stuck at home with too little to do or worrying about the postponed GCSE of your kid while keeping a tab on the rising covid-19 casualties? Right now, this seems to be the daily routine of most of us that have been forced into an involuntary hibernation by the lockdown.

Truth be told, it is not an exaggeration to say that the covid-19 pandemic has thrown the world into a panic station. Who would have imagined that the global economy would be brought to its knees in one fell swoop? Airports, restaurants, cinema houses and hotels are all looking like ghost towns as the global lockdown steals livelihoods, fun and jobs, dents consumer traffic and revenue prospects. So far, from 4.8 billion air passengers in 2018 to less than 1 billion in 2020, airlines are in revenue calamity with a loss of over $880 billion. These events point to the fact that all businesses and individuals have to be adequately prepared for the new normal.

Corona then, Corona now- such conflicting times!

Back in the day, Corona was the most prestigious elitist primary school in Lagos, a leading beer brand and Toyota Corona a reputable saloon car. Now, Corona has become popular for the wrong reasons. It has put us in a peculiar situation where we are physically confined and mentally anxious of the happenings around us. The question is, can we possibly relax in the midst of all these? Yes, we can! – The Obama’s slogan that rightly answers the question and perfectly suits the situation. Let us turn the hands of isolation into relaxation by being optimistic, trying new things, enjoying the must needed R&R within the confines of our homes, spending time with family, meditating, doing some yoga, trying new recipes, and just make sure we stay happy and positive. What better way to kick start the process than with the Easter edition of the Relaxnomiks.

Consider us the Easter bunny bearing good gifts to you.

We promise it is going to get better!

Enjoy your read!