RELAXNOMIKS – JUNE 21, 2017 (Re: Relaxnomiks – Rain, Rain, Go Away)

There is a Nigerian myth that talks of 7 days of non-stop rain in the month of June. The fallout of this is massive traffic jams, stress and street trading.

Not to worry, we have the perfect traffic companion in this edition of the Relaxnomiks! It contains intriguing, exciting and funny write-ups that will help you overcome the economic and traffic mess.

This includes an assortment of pieces, ranging from food to travel, wedding planning, diet and exercise.

What do tigers, orang-utans and blue whales have in common? They are all endangered and, without an efficiently managed breeding process, could join the list of the extinct.  Look out for page breakers with interesting facts and tips. Also don’t forget to take our brain teasers and test your knowledge/mental sharpness. It will also serve as an antidote to early dementia and amnesia.

Seasoned with wit and lightly written for your reading pleasure, this publication is guaranteed to exceed your entertainment and information expectations.

Enjoy your read!