RELAXNOMIKS – JUNE 29, 2021 (Re: A Nigerian Finding Bliss)

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Oh no! Travel conditions are a bit much!  

You have been biting your nails on how to get a visa appointment date at the US embassy (earliest was 2023/24), but even then, B1/B2 visas cannot fly to the US through Europe. The German embassy has just reopened and Schengen visas are sparsely available. By now, you are stressed out and you need a break so bad that you can do anything. Trust us! We have you covered with the Relaxnomiks!

No Jab, No Summer!

Vaccines! Vaccines! Everywhere vaccines! But they are limited. As a Nigerian looking to have a good time this summer, you have just taken your second jab of the AstraZeneca shot or you’re planning to. We know you cannot wait to get on board an airline and walk down Via Monte Napoleone in Milan, Sloane Street in London or Rue de Rivoli in Paris. But wait a minute, you still need to quarantine and go through multiple tests or else you could be deported.

Bliss is endearing but bills never stop!

All said and done, with the bizarre happenings we hear on the news, bliss is endearing! This is when you need to unwind and take the long deserved trip to an exotic destination (Mauritius, Maldives, Seychelles or Malta) without breaking the bank. Oh! Cruise liners are now back in business! A boat cruise with family/friends would also be refreshing. So, in the last two years, we hope you have saved a lot, if you did not lose it to Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or Ethereum. Even if you have little or no savings, we have unique tips and dollar stretchers for your budget constrained trip. Not to worry, hotels have reopened and they are offering significant discounts. If you are still concerned about hotel bills, Airbnb can be your ‘Queen B’.

This mid-year edition of the FDC Relaxnomiks, contains a heady cocktail of exciting information from summer movie picks, to 90s fashion trends making a comeback and many more.

Do enjoy your read!