RELAXNOMIKS – MARCH 24, 2017 (Re: Relaxnomiks Easter Edition 2017)

Hypertension and cardiovascular diseases afflict no less than 40% of adult Nigerians. These are also some of the most common causes of death. However, these conditions can be managed effectively with relaxation and a change of lifestyle. They are often referred to as stress-induced diseases. Therefore, we urge you to heed the words of Bobby McFerrin:

‘In every life we have some trouble, but when we worry we make it double, don’t worry be happy’

So what might be causing your sleepless nights? With the exchange rate rally of the naira maybe there will be some relief. The good news is that your planned vacation will cost you 20% less than last year.

This edition of the Relaxnomiks seeks to ensure that you become oblivious to economic cyclicality, currency volatility and business tension.

So, take some time out this Easter period, get comfortable in your favourite chair and enjoy your read!