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Don’t lose your head – Choose the mental health way! 

“It’s up to you today to start making healthy choices. Not choices that are just healthy for your body, but healthy for your mind.”― Steve Maraboli

Nigeria had a health care crisis before Covid-19. Solving Covid is necessary but it is sufficient to save you. Bizarre and extraordinary things are happening all around and the helpless feeling that accompanies these events has pushed many people towards desperation and near depression. The fear of the virus spreading coupled with the inevitable job losses lurking around, are enough for people to lose their heads. But the choice is yours to take care of your mental health by filtering what you feed your mind, taking therapeutic sleeps, exercising and putting your general health and well-being first.

The lifestyle section of this digest highlights easy and practical steps to take care of your mental health during this uncertain and anxiety filled times.

OPEC+ agrees to historic output cut to push up oil prices– Is this enough?  

OPEC and its allies have agreed to the biggest oil production cut of 9.7mbpd since 2008. This was an emergency response to tackle plunging oil prices exacerbated by the Saudi-Russia price rift and the covid-19 pandemic. The markets were however not impressed as oil prices have fallen below $30pb since the announcement. This is because the 10% cut in global supply is not enough to correct the sharp drop in oil demand which is estimated to have fallen by 30mbpd so far in 2020. Nigeria is therefore left to contend with an oil production quota of approximately 1.47mbpd at an average oil price of $32pb. This will put pressure on the country’s fiscal buffers and could widen its fiscal deficit.

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