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Approximately 16 million Nigerians have a Facebook account. This is over 80% of social media penetration in the country. With data breaches on the rise, gone are the days when it was acceptable to use your birth date or ‘123456’ as your password. You are likely to need an alpha-numeric combination.

The recent Cambridge Analytica/Facebook Scandal and the possible links to Nigerian election manipulation means that it is time to tighten your internet security. The lifestyle section of the Unity Bank Digest suggests possible ways of achieving a more secure online presence.

In the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Cost of Living Report 2018, Lagos was ranked the fourth cheapest city in the world in dollar terms. Before we celebrate, it is important to note that a cheaper city does not necessarily mean high living standards. Sadly, Lagos was also ranked second lowest on the Global Liveability Report, just ahead of war-torn Damascus.

This edition of the Unity Bank Digest provides the usual interesting mix of business and social news. Look out for the scoop on the first luxury hotel in space and the decisions from the first MPC meeting of the year.

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