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Long lines and empty the tanks  

We thought fuel scarcity was a long-forgotten pain for urban Nigerians. Ubiquitous queues stretching for kilometers, and the annoyance of having to turn off air conditioners and open windows are part of the February irritants, especially on Valentine’s Day. These are some of the reasons that make fuel scarcity such a pain. As if to add insult to injury, the scarcity has driven up petrol prices to N600/ltr despite the indefinite postponement of fuel subsidy removal.

Inflation marginally down but prices are still high

Nigeria’s official headline inflation fell marginally in January to 15.6% from 15.63% the previous month. So as a consumer, you might ask yourself, “If inflation is down, then why is everything still so expensive?” The answer to that question is that prices aren’t falling fast enough. Most food items are still relatively overpriced because of supply chain bottlenecks and high global commodity prices.

Ten ways to identify your talents and utilize them

Everyone has that skill or special talent even if they haven’t discovered it yet. The issue is figuring out who we actually are and digging out the diamond in the rough that is our special talent. It doesn’t end there; we also have to determine how best to use these skills and talents in ways that improve our existence. We have compiled 10 suggestions to help you unearth your talents and make the most of it.

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