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According to the Gregorian calendar, summer season is exactly 18 days away! A typical Lagosian struggles to grasp the concept of summer (rainy season). In Nigeria, the traffic, heavy rains, bad roads, intense workload make it hard to detox, relax and unwind. Summer provides the opportunity to recharge and recuperate in a way to maximize productivity. The first step to enjoy the summer break is to disconnect from stress triggers. The lifestyle section of the Unity Bank Digest contains other tips on how to fully utilize the summer experience.

President Buhari meanwhile had a low-key inauguration on May 29, which has been met with mixed reactions by Nigerians. Whilst some are hopeful that he would reaffirm his commitment to tackle challenges such as insecurity and economic well-being, others are of the view that his second term would be ‘same old, same old’. His first task is the choice of a Cabinet, which could be announced at any moment.

This edition of the Unity Bank Digest promises to be the perfect companion for your Sallah break. It provides the usual dose of information and covers relevant developments in the business and social space. Look out for our analysis of the oil market, and the scoop on Games of Thrones (GoT) and Big Bang Theory as they wrap up with their final seasons.

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