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Research shows that only 2% of applicants get shortlisted for job interviews. Therefore, you definitely need to make the best use of an interview opportunity.  Whilst your qualifications and experience play an essential role, your personality and composure may be the main differentiator. Take a few minutes to sell yourself without overdoing it.

Nigeria’s headline inflation, which had been on a downward trend for 18 months, has suddenly changed direction. While a reversal was widely expected, the rate of increase (0.09%) was sharper than anticipated. The increase in inflation rate would be the argument of the hawks within the MPC and could lead to an increase in the benchmark interest rate at the next meeting on September 24/25.

This edition of the Unity Bank Digest contains a blend of social and business topics for your information and pleasure. Look out for the scoop on the AMVCA award ceremony and Amazon joining Apple as companies with market capitalization in excess of $1trn.

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